Recreation County Parks Map
County Parks Map

By clicking on the link below you will pull up an Adobe map of Montcalm County with the county parks identified. To zoom in on each park for better details and/or print a copy of the map, follow these procedures:

1. Click the icon to rotate the map counterclockwise.

2. Change size of the map until readable:
     * click the percent (%)
     * or, click the circled plus sign

3. When readable - click the magnifier with a plus sign, then, move the curser (magnifier) over the red park number yo wish to view. Continue clicking until you have the size you want.

4. To print map - (as you have blown it up):
     * Press "print screen" on your keyboard
     * Reduce your page
     * Open a WORD document
     * Right click - paste - print

NOTE: If you don't follow this procedure, when you click Print, you'll get the full county map.
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Montcalm County Parks Map