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There are many court forms available for use in Michigan. The most common are the "SCAO-Approved" court forms. These forms are created and maintained by the State Court Administrative Office and are standardized for use in all Michigan trial courts.

The Montcalm County Friend of the Court has provided a majority of these forms for your convenience. Just click on the form you need below. Print it off and complete all sections before submitting them to the Friend of the Court at 629 N. State Street, PO Box 305, Stanton, MI 48888.

Court forms are only tools to assist in the processing of a court case. The forms do not guide you through the court process. If you do not have an attorney, you will need to understand the laws pertaining to your type of case.

NOTICE: If you have retained an attorney (for any reason),
you CANNOT file motions on your own. You MUST contact
your attorney and have him/her do the filing.


1. You must complete the original form in blue or black ink. Check that Plaintiff/Defendant are correct. Also, that the motion is signed and dated.

2. Before motions are scheduled, (both) Motion fee and Judgment fee MUST be paid in full. If your gross household income is $300 or less, you may qualify for a "Waiver of Fees". The link to the form is provided below.

3. Motion fee is $20 and Judgment fee is $80 and MUST come as TWO (2) SEPARATE cashier's checks or money orders. (NO personal checks allowed) They must be made payable to County Clerk - (NOT FOC).

Court Form Documents
FOC 10/52 Uniform Child Support Order
Demand for Medical Payment (FOC13)
FOC 66 Response to Motion Regarding Parenting Time
FOC 68 Objection to Referee's Recommended Order (Judge Kreeger Case)
FOC 68 Objection to Referee's Recommended Order (Judge Schafer Case)FOC 100 Domestic Relations Judgment Information
Motion to Change Support OrderRequest to Suspend Fees / CostsStipulated Motion for Change of Custody Parenting Time and/or DomicileStipulated Motion to Change Support OrderVisitation AffidavitWithdrawal of Motion for Change of Custody
Response to Motion Regarding SupportRequest to use Communication Equipment
FOC 65 Motion Regarding Parenting Time