Office of the Sheriff Contracted Deputies

These areas have paid for patrol time beyond that provided by the regular patrols of the Sheriff Department.

The following officers are currently assigned to the following Township patrols. If you need to contact them call CENTRAL DISPATCH at 989-831-3500 OR 616-225-8500 X1. To leave a message on their voicemail you may also call 989-831-7590 and follow the dial by name instructions. Do not leave any urgent messages on their voicemail as they may be off duty. If you need immediate attention call Central Dispatch number above and ask for an on-Duty Deputy. 

The current Township/Village Deputies are as follows:
Eureka Township: Deputy Gregory Syrjala and Deputy Michael Kotenko
Montcalm/Sidney Townships: Deputy Nicholas McConnell
Village of Howard City/Reynolds Twp: Deputy Brian Snyder, Deputy Charles Mahar, Deputy Mitchell Chapin
Village of Edmore: Deputy Clayton Thomas
Crystal Township: Deputy Justin Schafer