Animal Control

The shelter is open by appointment onlydownload

Animal Control enforces the State of Michigan Dog Laws; investigates animal cruelty, picks up stray dogs, preforms kennel inspections and more. If you have questions, concerns, or need to file an animal complaint, please contact the Animal Control department at 989-831-7302.

Summons Fees

Summons fees can be paid with cash at the Treasurer's Office or by credit card using our Payment Portal

Please provide a copy of the receipt to the Treasurer's Office when paying summons fees.

What to Do After an Animal Bite

If someone you know is bitten by a dog, cat or any type of warm-blooded animal:

  • Don't ignore it, don't panic and don't kill the animal unless it is wild or cannot be captured.
  • Try to identify the animal in case it gets away.
  • Seek first aid (clean the wound immediately) and call your family doctor or visit the local Clinic or Emergency room and call the Mid-Michigan District Health Department at 989-831-3615.
  • The Health Department should provide information regarding the quarantine of the animal.
  • Contact Animal Control for a bite report and fill out the FOIA Request Form (PDF) and submit by email.

If You Own the Animal That Has Bitten Someone

  • Don't kill it or put it to sleep.
  • Don't give it away or allow it to stray. Keep it confined away from other people and animals.
  • Call Animal Control immediately.
  • Have any vaccination records and licensing receipts ready to show the officer.
  • It must be quarantined for 10 days.

The owner is responsible for their pet if it bites and may be held responsible for medical expenses that may result.


Rabies can be transmitted when a bite or scratch is inflicted by an infected mammal. Rabies most often resides in wildlife populations of bats, skunks, and foxes.

Dogs and cats may also carry this fatal virus if they come into contact with infected wildlife or pets. Vaccinating our pets against rabies helps to protect them and the community against this deadly virus.