Recycling in Montcalm County

Montcalm County residents have access to six recycling drop-off sites located throughout Montcalm County. Residents are encouraged to properly dispose of recyclable items that might otherwise be landfilled or burned. Acceptable recyclables collected at the drop-off sites are delivered to the Kent County Recycling and Education Center in Grand Rapids. The recyclables are then sorted, baled, and shipped to end-users, saving landfill space and natural resources, and helping to preserve our environment.

For recycling questions contact, the Montcalm Conservation District at 989-831-4212 x108 or the Montcalm Conservation District website.

View the list of Residential Recycle Sites.

View the MDEQ Minute Recycling Video.

Recyclables must be empty and washed clean!

Please be aware of the pick-up dates at each site by the provider to plan accordingly for drop-off.

Weekly Pick-Up Schedule

Weekly scheduled pick-up at each site by the provider. Allow for a 1-day delay on holidays.

CommunitySingle Stream Pick-Up DaysCardboard Pick-Up Days


Monday / Thursday








  • Compactors at the Howard City and Edmore locations are examined every other Wednesday and are serviced when full
  • The Lakeview compactor site is serviced every other Wednesday

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