2008 General Election Results

Results are final at 10:27 pm. Election results will be posted as they are reported to the Montcalm County Clerk's Office on election night. Since the polls are open until 8 pm we do not expect any results to be posted prior to 9 pm.


Results are available for inspection in two formats. The first report will be a Precinct report. This report breaks down vote totals for each race by precinct.

The second report will be a Summary report. This report shows accumulative totals district-wide for every race on every ballot style within Montcalm County. If you are watching particular races, this is the report you will want. A total of 31 precincts will be reporting results. Current results can be found every few minutes by refreshing this page on election night.

The last link on this page is a Precincts Reported page. This is merely a spreadsheet indicating which precincts have reported and the time they arrived at the County Clerk's Office. If a precinct appears on this sheet then their results are in the accumulative totals on the Summary Report.

Please note: Write-In totals that are reported on the reports below are not necessarily associated with any particular write-in candidate. The write-in totals reported are for every write-in oval that was marked on the ballots, regardless of whether voters voted for a declared write-in candidate or not. The Board of Canvassers will determine how many valid write-in votes each declared candidate received.

Questions & Concerns

When all precincts have reported and unofficial results are final on election night, a notice will be posted to the website stating such.

Should you experience problems with this website or have questions regarding the totals you may call 989-831-7339 for assistance. To view the most current results you must refresh the webpage, not the report itself.