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Mission Statement

The mission of the Montcalm County Central Dispatch Center is to provide quality service to all users of this center regardless of national background, race, sex, or creed. We will provide this service in an expedient and professional manner while at all times keeping the safety of Emergency responders, citizens, and visitors to this County foremost in our mind. We will also provide this service in the most cost-effective manner possible, recognizing that the citizens of this County are the ones funding this operation.


Provide optimum safety to residents and first responders through state-of-the-art communications equipment and techniques, operated by caring professionals.


  • Empathy: Identify with callers and work to provide them the assistance they desperately need.
  • Perseverance: Self-sacrificing work ethic to resolve problems regardless of duration.
  • Dedication: Always committed to doing the 'right' thing, even when no one is watching.

Montcalm County encompasses approximately 721 square miles of farmland, woods, lakes, and streams in West Central Michigan.  We are responsible for answering all emergency 9-1-1 calls within Montcalm County and dispatching for Law Enforcement, Fire, and MCES Ambulance and Rescue units within the County. Montcalm Central Dispatch is funded solely by a 9-1-1 surcharge that is applied to any device that has the capability of accessing the 9-1-1 network. No general fund tax dollars supplement the dispatch center operations, maintenance, or equipment.

The Montcalm County Central Dispatch Authority was created through an Agreement between Montcalm County and the City of Greenville known as the Enabling Agreement. The Enabling Agreement creates an Administrative Policy Board (also known as the Central Dispatch Authority Board). The Board is comprised of nine members: two representatives from the City of Greenville, one (1) representative from the Michigan State Police, three representatives from Montcalm County, one (1) representative from the Montcalm County Sheriff Department, one representative from the fire departments, and one (1) representative of the townships.

The Central Dispatch Authority is a legal entity separate and independent from the participating municipalities, as authorized by Michigan's Urban Cooperations Act, which serves as the enabling authority for the Enabling Agreement. In addition to general policy-making, the Board is authorized to perform the following functions:

  • Enter into contracts
  • Acquire, hold or dispose of property
  • Construct, manage, or operate buildings or improvements
  • Contract with participating municipalities or supporting entities to provide manpower, equipment or administrative services
  • Receive and administer grants, gifts, bequests, or assistance funds
  • Incur debts and liabilities
  • Approve MCCDA's annual Budget
  • Approve all MCCDA expenditures
  • Contract with the participating municipalities and supporting entities for the provision of central dispatch and record services
  • Hire, employ and terminate personnel, including an MCCDA Director
  • Adopt and revise from time to time, bylaws for itself and for the Technical Advisory Committee
  • Exercise such other authority as is necessary for the operation of MCCDA not inconsistent with the Act, Urban Cooperation Act, the Montcalm County 9-1-1 Plan, and other applicable Michigan laws or the Enabling Agreement.