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Montcalm County Emergency Services operates 11 Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulance transport units, 2 Basic Life Support (BLS) units, 12 medical first response rescue units, and 1 technical rescue team. In addition, we manage disaster preparedness and response. The department also manages HealthCare Plus+, an ambulance subscription program.

FUNDING SOURCES: MCES is funded by two revenue sources - ambulance collections and a county-wide millage. The millage is primarily used to fund the Rescue Division and the Montcalm Technical Rescue Team. Ambulance collections fund the majority of the ALS Ambulance Division budget.

The department's annual budget is approximately $7 million.

MCES has three divisions; Advanced Life Support (ALS), Montcalm Technical Rescue Team (MTRT), and the Rescue Division. The rescue division is made of 10 rescue trucks and paid-on-call employees whose licensure range from Medical First Responder to Paramedic. The rescue trucks are spread out through the county in assigned geographic regions. The employees are dispatched to calls from their home.

MCES supports the Montcalm Technical Rescue Team (MTRT) that is trained to conduct confined space rescues, search and rescue operations, high-angle rescues, and other complicated rescues that go beyond the expertise of the average rescue professional.

MTRT has been activated a number of times over the years, most notably in disaster response and search and rescue operations.

The team consists of up to 7 members, all employees are paid on call. The team commits many hours of their time to training and preparing for the times when their services are required.

Montcalm County Emergency Services (MCES) employ nearly 100 employees.  Our employees are spread out amongst 3 divisions; ALS, rescue, and Montcalm Technical Rescue Team.  We employ both full and part-time employees.  The licensures ranging from Medical First Responders to Paramedics. 

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Ambulance and Rescue Billing

Medical Control Authority

Emergency Disaster Management

Local Emergency Planning Committee

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MCES Application

  1. Emergency Services

    Physical Address
    655 N. State Street
    Stanton, MI 48888

  2. Eric Smith


  3. Doris Case

    Supervisor- EMT-P

  4. Barry Christiansen

    Supervisor- EMT-P

  5. Richard Church

    Supervisor- EMT-P/IC

  6. Chris Olson

    Supervisor- EMT-P

  7. Amber Barnes

    Billing & Accounts Manager II

  8. Susan Cooper

    Billing & Accounts Manager I

  9. Pamela Riker

    Office & Accounts Manager

  10. Amy Schultz

    Billing & Accounts Manager I

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