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We are happy to announce that the 64B District Court has been selected by the State Court Administrative Office (SCAO) to become a MiFILE court. We are incredibly excited at the opportunity to advance our court technology and open our court to e-filing. All attorneys submitting filings with our court will be required to e-file as required by Michigan Court Rule 1.109(G)(3)(f). To learn more about MiFILE, check out the links below: 

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64B District Court

Court Complex 

617 N. State St., Stanton, MI 48888

Hours of operation: 

8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Zoom Information:

Judge Eggleston Zoom/Meeting ID#: 722 946 0898

Magistrate's Zoom/Meeting ID#: 690 147 2398

**Note that appearance via Zoom MUST receive prior authorization from the Court**

64B District Court Case Search

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64B District Court Case Search

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64B District Court Scheduling

All scheduling requests MUST be directed to division in which the case is being heard 


District Court Overview

The District Court is a trial court of limited jurisdiction. It is divided into 101 judicial districts, ranging in size from a single city or township to multiple counties.  A district court has exclusive jurisdiction over all civil litigation up to $25,000 and handles garnishments, eviction proceedings, and land contract, as well as other proceedings including criminal matters. A district court has jurisdiction over all adult misdemeanor cases where punishments do not exceed one year, however, all adult criminal matters, regardless of the nature of the offense, start in the district court including all felonies. The district court issues arrest and search warrants, sets bail and accepts bond, conducts misdemeanor and felony arraignments, presides over probable cause conferences and preliminary examinations for felony offenses and performs civil marriage ceremonies. (insert link to the marriage page for underline portion) 

Also, a small claims division is provided in district court for civil cases where the amount claimed does not exceed $6,500 (increased to $7,000 in 2024). In these cases, litigants agree to waive their right to a jury, rules of evidence, representation by a lawyer, and the right to appeal from the district judge's decision. If either party objects, the case will be heard by the general civil division of the district court. 

Montcalm County has one District Court, the 64B District Court. The 64B District Court is part of the 8th Circuit Court, which also encompasses Ionia County's 64A District Court. 

Mission Statement


The 64B District Court is an independent branch of government committed to the prompt, courteous and fair dispensation of justice by adjudicating cases in a timely manner using effective and efficient case management techniques, adhering to the highest standards that maintain the statutory and constitutional rights of all citizens, monitoring the enforcement of judgments, and being responsible stewards of public funds.

District Court Judge

Honorable Adam Eggleston 

Judge Eggleston PictureJudge Eggleston took the bench in January 2021. Prior to taking the bench he served as the District Court Attorney-Magistrate for several years. Previously to serving as Attorney-Magistrate, he had a law practice throughout the county and served as Assistant City Attorney for Greenville. Judge Eggleston has also worked in the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. 

Judge Eggleston is a graduate of Central Montcalm High School. He later obtained his Bachelor degree from Michigan State University and has an associates degree from Montcalm Community College. He obtained his Juris Doctor from Thomas M. Cooley Law School. 

Court Administrator/Magistrate

Brian G. Wagner

64B District Court Main Contact:

617 North State Street

Stanton, MI 48888

Phone: 989-831-7450
Fax: 989-831-7453

Email: 64binquiries@montcalm.us


Phone: 989-831-7450, select option #1


Phone: 989-831-7450, select option #2

Fax: 989-831-7453

Email: criminal@montcalm.us


Phone: 989-831-7450, select option #3

Fax: 989-831-7453

Email: civil@montcalm.us


Phone: 989-831-7450, select option #3

Fax: 989-831-7453

Email: civil@montcalm.us


Phone: 989-831-7450, select option #4

Fax: 989-831-7453

Email: probation@montcalm.us


Phone: 989-831-7450, select option #5 for Jury Line

Fax: 989-831-7453

Email: criminal@montcalm.us

ADA Requests & Accommodations / Interpreter Requests & Accommodations 

Requests related to ADA and/or Interpreter accommodations may be directed to the District Court Administrator/Magistrate.

Phone: 989-831-7450
Fax: 989-831-7453

Email: 64binquiries@montcalm.us