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64B District Court 


If you have been found responsible for a civil infraction/ticket or are accepting responsibility; or have been found guilty or have pleaded guilty or no contest to criminal charges and owe fines and costs associated with any civil or criminal charges that have been assessed against you, you can: 

(a) send a check or money order made payable to “64B District Court” for the full amount of the ticket or criminal fines and costs or partial payment if a payment plan has been set up for you for your criminal fines and costs only. Please note that Civil Infractions must be paid in full in one payment

(b) appear in person to pay by cash, check, or money order, or we also have kiosks located throughout the court complex that allow you to pay with a credit or debit card. If paying by credit or debit card, Handling fees will be applied. 

(c) pay electronically with a credit or debit card through Allpaid OR call 888-604-7888. The Payment Location Code for Allpaid is 1925. Handling fees will be applied. 

Instructions on how to pay using Allpaid

To make a payment on your criminal file, you can make an electronic payment with a debit or credit card. Go to Allpaid, OR call 888-604-7888. Then enter your court case number where required and proceed as directed. The Payment Location Code is 1925. Handling fees will be applied.

For traffic citations/civil infraction citations, go to Allpaid, OR call 888-604-7888. If using the website, enter your ticket number (usually located at the top of your ticket and on the right side in red or black) in place of the court case number if you do not have a case number. Then proceed as directed. The Payment Location Code is 1925. Handling fees will be applied. 

Please check the District Court’s web page under Traffic Fine Schedule to find out the exact amount of the fine imposed on the charged offense on your ticket. If you cannot locate the amount from the schedule of fines you may contact the court directly by phone ext. #2. Note: The fines and costs are NOT listed on the ticket. 

Noncompliance with a judgment will result in eventual sanctions including: late fees, a summons for your appearance by the Court, and the possibility of a bench warrant being issued for your arrest for contempt of court.

Case Search

If you would like information about a public criminal case, you can visit MiCOURT Case Search. This site will also provide you with the amount of fines and costs that are still owing on a particular criminal file. Please note that non-public files are not available for viewing on the Case Search. 

Instructions on how to look up a case

Go to MICOURT Case Search. Read the Terms of Service and click continue. You can then access your case or cases by entering your full name and year of birth or by entering your case number in the required fields.