Sheriff's Office Fee Schedules

Effective January 1, 2021 the fee schedule for the following reports and documents will be as follows:

  • General Police Reports (non-FOIA): $5 per report
    • If includes color photos additional cost of: $2 per page
    • If includes DVD additional cost per DVD of: $0.50 per DVD
    • If includes flash/jump drive additional cost per drive of: $10 per drive
    • Freedom of Information Request: See for FOIA policy and charges
  • Accident Reports: $10 and can be obtained at
  • Notary Fees: $2 per signature per document or $5 total per document*
  • Non-sufficient funds check fee: $20 per returned check
  • Fingerprinting
    • General: $15 per person
    • Schools, etc.: $65 per person*
    • CPL: $15 per person
      • If fingerprint fee not paid to the Montcalm County Clerk*
  • PBT Testing. Available at the Jail: $10 per test
  • Civil Process: $26 plus mileage*
    see mileage rate along with scheduled fee rate increases**
  • Writ of Garnishment for each garnishee and defendant: $20 plus mileage*
  • House moving: Escort.Time and one half of Officer(s) wage(s) subject to availability
  • Mortgage Foreclosure Sales: $50 per sale*

*Fees set by State of Michigan Guidelines.

Mileage fee rate: Mileage is computed at the rate of $0.875, each way, by the shortest distance from the Sheriff's Office to the place of service, not to exceed 75 miles each way.