Termination - Putative Father

If the father has not acknowledged paternity, was not married to the mother, was not ordered to pay support, did not co-habit with the mother during or after the pregnancy, nor ever supported the mother or child, he is considered the putative/biological father and not the legal father.

The mother of the adoptee must file a Petition for Hearing to Identify Father and Determine or Terminate His Parental Rights. If the putative father has no interest in custody of the child, or denies that he is the father, he may sign a Custody Statement of Putative Father and waive the right to notice of the hearing to identify father.


  • $20 (Non-refundable filing fee), payable at the time of filing
  • Publication fee, if publication is necessary - payable directly to newspaper

Documents Required

Keep copies of all documents filed with the Court for your records and to provide to the interested persons. Copies obtained from the Court are $1 per page.