Domestic Relations Mediation

The FOC offers mediation services to help parents resolve custody and parenting time disputes. Those are the only two issues that the FOC is allowed to mediate.

Mediation is voluntary; that means both parties must be willing to participate. If you reach an agreement during mediation, the mediator can put it into writing, and submit it to the judge for his approval and signing. Once approved, it will become an order.

Mediation allows the parties to settle the issues without the courts' direct involvement. Matters discussed during mediation are confidential. The mediator may not share information about what happened during mediation, except for what is stated in the parties' signed agreement. The mediator cannot later, in the same case, enforce an order, investigate an allegation, or serve as a referee regarding any other issues in that case.

During mediation, if the parties reach agreement, they can file a "Stipulated Motion for Change of Custody Parenting Time and/or Domicile." The form is found below.