Indian Legal Lake Level

The Legal Lake Level for Indian Lake was established in 1975.The current Legal Lake Level is 902.20 feet above Mean Sea Level. 

The lake level is maintained by four pumps that have been installed around the lake. The pumps sites are located on Cheyenne Drive, Chippewa Trail, and two pumps on Apache Trail. In 2021, there were 411,840,000 gallons of water pumped into the lake to maintain the legal lake level. 

The costs to use and maintain the pumps are spread among the property owners in the special assessment district on an annual basis. The annual budget to maintain the lake level ranges from $60,000-$100,000 per year, depending on seasonal rainfall and weather patterns. 

Recent renovation projects, overseen by the Drain Commission, have included installing flow meters on the pumps and a level indicator. The level indicator has a display at the site for pump operator use and sends out real time data to a remote site.

The current lake level, as well as a short history of lake level can be seen here. If using a desktop, please choose "Display Anywhere Client in your Browser" to log in. Please use "Guest" for both the username and password. Bear in mind, the lake level can fluctuate rapidly due to wind, waves, and rain so it is better to consider the level over a period of time. The Drain Office will collect this data to better manage the lake level and the operation of the pumps. Please do not hesitate to call the Drain Commission with any questions or concerns. 

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