Traffic/Civil Infraction Fine Schedule

64B District Court

Traffic Fine Schedule

Below is the current fine Schedule as of April 1, 2022

Note: All fines are doubled for moving violations that occurred in a Work zone, School zone or Emergency Scene. A moving violation consists of any act or omission that is prohibited under the Michigan Motor vehicle Code (MVC) or conduct prohibited by a local ordinance consistent with the MVC that is punishable by a fine.


 Infraction                                                                                                        Fine                                                                                                            

Speed Violations

Speeding 1-5 mph over – Limited Access Highway$ 123.00
Speeding 1-10 mph over  $ 123.00
Speeding 11-15 mph over $ 152.00
Speeding 16-30 mph over$ 168.00
Speeding 31+ mph over$ 195.00
Violation of Basic Speed Law$ 128.00
(Too Fast for Conditions and$ 128.00
Unable to Stop in Assured Clear Distance)$ 128.00

Overtaking and Passing

Improper Lane Usage $ 128.00
Improper Passing$ 117.00
Improper Passing on Right/Hill/Curve$ 128.00
Fail to Give Way$ 128.00
Follow Too Closely$ 117.00


Fail To Yield Right of Way

Fail to Yield Right of Way$ 128.00
Fail to Yield Right of Way from Private Drive$ 118.00
Fail to Yield Right of Way Left Turn $ 128.00
Fail to Yield to Funeral Procession$ 123.00
Fail to Yield to Emergency Vehicle$ 152.00


Turning and Signaling

Improper Right Turn$ 123.00
Improper Left Turn$ 128.00
Fail to Signaling  $ 117.00
Prohibited Turn$ 128.00

Fail to Stop

Disregard Stop Sign $ 128.00
Failed to Stop From Private Drive$ 118.00
Failed to Stop for School Bus$ 288.00
Failed to Stop at Railroad Crossing $123.00

Disobey Traffic Signal

Disregard Traffic Signal  $ 128.00
Disregard Flashing Red/Yellow Light$ 128.00
Avoid Traffic Control Device$ 128.00

Wrong Side/Wrong Way

Drove Left of Center$ 128.00
Drove Wrong Way/Divided Highway$ 140.00
Drove Wrong Way/Undivided Highway$ 134.00
Drove Wrong Way – One Way Street$ 128.00


Moped Violation/Sidewalk/Highway$ 111.00
Unlawful Rider on Moped/Motorcycle$ 111.00
Moped/Motorcycle-Operator Clinging to Vehicle $ 111.00
Helmet Violation$ 117.00
Motorcycle-Operate without Endorsement 1st offense$ 250.00
Bicycle Violations$ 50.00

Registration/Plate Violations – Non Commercial

Expired/No Plates$ 128.00
No Trailer Plate$ 90.00
No Registration Certificate$ 111.00
Improper Attachment of Plate$ 111.00


Driver’s License Violations

Failed to Display Graduated License$ 111.00
Violation of Graduated License$ 117.00
Failed to Change Address$ 111.00

Commercial Vehicle Violations

Log Book Violation$ 125.00
No Annual Inspection$ 125.00
Unqualified/No Medical Card$ 125.00
No Name/Logo/Carrier ID$ 111.00
No DOT$ 125.00
Overwidth/Height/Load$ 146.00
Serious Equipment Violation$ 500.00

Overweight – Fines determined by statute – contact Court.            

Seat Belt Violations

Seat Belt Violation – Adult$ 65.00
Seat Belt Violation – Child Restraint under 4 yrs old$ 103.00
Seat Belt Violation – No child Restraint 4yrs to 8 yrs old$ 65.00
Occupant Under 18 in Open Bed of Pickup$ 140.00


Having no insurance on your vehicle is a misdemeanor punishable up to 1 year in jail and a $500 fine. 

No Poof of Insurance Displayed$ 123.00
If proof of insurance is shown later to Court$ 25.00

 Must show date of issuance of insurance prior to date of citation.

Parking Violations

Handicap Parking$ 171.00
Parking – Disregard No-Parking Sign$ 65.00
Unattended Vehicle$ 65.00
Fire Lane/Hydrant parking  $ 65.00
All Other Parking$ 65.00

Snowmobile Violations

Fail to Obtain Trail Permit$ 75.00
Operate in Prohibited Area$ 75.00
No Registration$ 150.00

ORV Violations

Fail to License ORV/No Sticker$ 150.00
ORV in State Game Area$ 145.00
Ho Helmet$ 75.00

All other DNR Violations contact Court

Miscellaneous Violations

Impeding Traffic $ 111.00
Careless Driving$ 205.00
Drove Across Median $ 128.00
Walking in Roadway$ 50.00
Improper Backing  $ 128.00
Failed to Dim Headlights$ 111.00
Texting While Driving$ 240.00
Boating Violations$ 150.00
Selling Alcohol to Minor $ 100.00
Dog Violations$ 75.00
Refuse PBT$ 164.00
Defective Equipment – Non-Commercial$ 111.00
Tinted Windows     $ 111.00
Booking Fee$ 50.00
LitteringContact Court – Fine is determined by cubic ft. 

For all other offenses and fines not listed, including City, Village, Township, and County civil infraction ordinance violations contact the Court.