Call-In Procedure

As a juror, you are required to call the court to determine when your services are needed, and thereby eliminate the inconvenience of reporting to court unnecessarily. 

Montcalm County: 989-831-3580 
Ionia County: 616-527-5316

Call after 5:00 PM the evening before you have been told to report. Please follow the instructions on the recorded message and be prepared to write down any information given to you. 

If you have misplaced your Juror Qualification Questionnaire Form or your Juror Personal History Questionnaire Form, please click the respective link below for a printable PDF copy.  

Please note: BOTH forms are REQUIRED to be filled out and returned as soon as reasonably possible (Pursuant to MCL 600.1313 (1), the forms are required to be filled out and returned within 10 days after receipt).