August 4, 2020 Election Results

Polls will close at 8 pm. Results will be posted as they arrive on election night.

The links below are sample reports that will be posted on election night. Election night reports will include registered voters.

Since this is a Primary Election and the Democratic Party is listed first on the ballot, the Democratic races will all appear first on the reports. Then the Republican Candidates, then Nonpartisan, then Proposals. The reports are somewhat cumbersome in a Primary Election. I recommend looking at the Canvass Report. Races of interest can be found on the following pages of the canvass report.

  • State Representative, 70th District, Republican Candidates - page 58
  • County Clerk, Republican Candidates - page 70
  • County Commissioner, District 9, Republican Candidates - Page 98
  • 64B District Court Judge - Page 99
  • Millage Proposals start on Page 331

Reports & Results